Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pulling Up Stakes

While I am greatly enjoying posting various musings, rants, writings and other assorted things from my life that involve circus and sideshow, it was suggested to me recently that I try blogging on Word Press. Everything that has been featured here is now archived in the new space, and nothing else is going to really change. All new Tales From the Road will be posted on a monthly basis, as well as the exciting conclusion of Serpent Queen. Digging through my old blog archives recently has turned up quite a few great pieces that I feel are appropriate to share with the Internet world, as many have never been publicly posted. There will also be more frequent posts detailing my performances, complete with photos, as I greatly enjoy every opportunity I have to be on stage and feel others might be interested in reading about the experiences. Oh, and I am finally getting around to making a press release for the novel I have been working on for the past several years. It's bee nice knowing that people have taken the time to read everything here, so I hope that the new space will be just as successful.

Decadence & Deviance is now on Word Press!!!


  1. Boo. I hate word press. Their system for following people blows and I am too lazy for rss and bookmarks.

  2. Really? Don't really know much about the system, other than it posts to FB and Twitter without me having to do it.